Hello Friends & Neighbors, we’re a local family owned and operated company. In fact, we’ve been building a foundation of wisdom on the Greater New Orleans, Shoring and Elevation industry since 1868. This expert knowledge has been handed down & developed by our sons who happen to be raising families as well as homes, in the greater New Orleans area. We’re here to stay and will be proudly standing behind our work for generations to come.

We’re harnessing generations of cutting edge, technological expertise into the care of your home’s foundation. Where as, most of our competition, attracted by government grants, just recently popped up and started learning on the job. This leaves them making costly mistakes on your dollar and your home’s foundation. Mistakes that a fly by night opportunist, won’t be around to correct years down the road.

You want to trust your home’s foundation to ROUBION, the expert Shoring and Elevation authorities. We’ve been honing our technical expertise on New Orleans soil since 1868.

Don’t trust the generalists, who’ve just left another construction related industry to learn on the job and make costly mistakes on your home’s foundation.

Don’t let the rookies fool you. Let us do our neighborly duty and lend our generational wisdom to efficiently guide you through the process.

We provide turn key solutions, including all your utility needs, making the transition as convenient as possible.

Our mitigation specialists handle all necessary paper work, leaving you stress free to enjoy a higher quality of life.

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824 Dakin Street - New Orleans, LA 70121

Tel: 504.269.9909 - Toll-free: 1.855.768.2466 - Fax: 504.269.3551

Email: roubion@roubioninc.com