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Video Testimonials

Luz Castaneda

Luz Castenada tells her story about how Roubion raised her house. A job no other Home Elevation company wanted to take on.

The Goodsons

New Orleans saxophone manufacturers Steve and Sharon Goodson own a beautiful 125 year old Victorian home. The house suffered a lot of damage to the foundation after Hurricane Katrina. Roubion Shoring managed to raise their house without any cracks or damage to the antique mosaic floors inside their home.

The Lawless Family

The Lawless family tells their story about how Roubion raised their home. They felt they could always ask questions and the Roubion Team took all the time to answer them.

What Our Home Owners Say

“I was very satisfied with the job. I can’t find anything that they could have done better.”
Andre Dufrene: New Orleans, Pier Home

 “I had done my homework and felt I knew what I needed to know when I hired Roubion. They are good, fair and honest people. I would recommend them to a friend.”
Danny Giardina: Slidell, Slab Home

 “I choose Roubion based on the background and reputation of the company. The people I worked with were helpful and kept me fully informed throughout the process.”
Elaine Marshall: Marrero, Slab Home

 “I interviewed the other major shoring companies and choose Roubion based on their history of doing good work. They listened to my concerns and needs. On a scale of 1-10, I give Roubion 10s all the way!”
Erin Perry: Kenner, Slab Home

“Roubion communicated well with me. They were responsive and returned calls quickly. I tell everyone to do their research and I recommend the Roubions.”
Irving Gasper: New Orleans, Pier Home

“I know the Roubions well and they did exactly what I expected. They are no nonsense folks who deliver on their promises every time.”
James Larkin: Metairie, Pier Home

 “The job took the time I expected. A friend recommended Roubion to me. They were polite, attentive and tried to solve any problems I had. Now I’ll recommend Roubion to my friends.”
JoAnn Landry: Metairie, Slab Home

 “Honestly they did a great job and I’m very satisfied. Everything was straight forward. I’ve recommended Roubion to 4 or 5 people already.”
Norris Boyd: Kenner, Slab Home

“Roubion made a great presentation. They were very professional and helpful I liked the way Roubion handled everything and it all went very well.”
Wesley Adams: Lafitte, Pier Home

Contact Details

824 Dakin Street - New Orleans, LA 70121

Tel: 504.269.9909 - Toll-free: 1.855.768.2466 - Fax: 504.269.3551

Email: roubion@roubioninc.com