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Elevated just in time

Just one day after Roubion Shoring wrapped up the elevation project on the Baehr’s home, their streets flooded.

Thank you so much for elevating our home so quickly. Just in time for HURRICANE season. Not even a week into the season and our neighborhood flooded. Without the dedication and commitment from your team our home would have flooded today.
Sincerely Eric and Allison Baehr

Watch the story which WWLTV did on the Gentilly flooding on Wednesday June 10, 2020:

Read the full article on the WWLTV website:
Federal grant saves Gentilly home from floodwaters, others not so lucky

Video Testimonials

Luz Castaneda

Luz Castenada tells her story about how Roubion raised her house. A job no other Home Elevation company wanted to take on.

Video Transcript

Since 1868 Roubion has been the shoring and elevation company the New Orleans area has turned to, to handle any size job no matter how difficult. Back in the 40s the Roubions actually moved Charity Hospital about a block. Of course without the help of modern technology like the unified jacking system. Now things have changed over the past one hundred and forty-four years. Today Roubion Elevation and Shoring is the company customers like Luz Castaneda also turned to to handle the tough elevation projects that no one else wants to take on.

Luz Castaneda:
They elevated a house that no other company in this city would actually elevate. I was told my house could never be elevated because of the way the slabs were poured. Because of the way it was built. And when Roubion came out and looked at my home… they just didn’t hesitate. They said they could do it and they did a beautiful job. It’s just… it’s changed the looks of the house. It’s made it from a little simple house to a beautiful, beautiful, elegant house.

So for customers then and now Roubion stands for quality, integrity, and outstanding customer service.

Luz Castaneda:
To me Roubion was the best company out there. They have been in business over a hundred years. And to me they were super professional.

Flooding was always on your mind before you elevated. So what is it like now that you that you’ve gone up several feet?

Luz Castaneda:
Well for three years we lived really stressed every time it rained. I’ll tell you what. The peace of mind they’ve given me. I couldn’t ask for more.

The Goodsons

New Orleans saxophone manufacturers Steve and Sharon Goodson own a beautiful 125 year old Victorian home. The house suffered a lot of damage to the foundation after Hurricane Katrina. Roubion Shoring managed to raise their house without any cracks or damage to the antique mosaic floors inside their home.

Video Transcript

Their home in many ways is a tribute to New Orleans history music and people that make our city so unique.

Stephen Goodson:
We’re Stephen and Sharon Goodson we live in Uptown New Orleans. Our business is that we manufacture saxophones for clients all over the world. And we have a rather unique hundred and twenty-five year old house with a lot of our historical features.

Features the Goodsons wanted to preserve when they realized they needed to level and shore their home after Hurricane Katrina.

Stephen Goodson:
Hurricane Katrina: our entire foundation was washed away.

Sharon Goodson:
This is a hundred and twenty-five year old historic Victorian home and we hired a structural engineer, because the damage was so massive, to look at our bids and also inspect any work that was going to be done.
He chose Roubion based on their proposal and their design of what they were going to do to bring back the structural integrity to the house. Also we felt highly confident because Dennis Roubion was looking at it from a technical point of view. The structural engineer inspected the work. Came out twice during the process and also inspected it in and said the job was perfect.

And the Goodsons say it wasn’t just the quality of the work that impressed them. It was how the entire Roubion team treated them and their home throughout the entire process.

Sharon Goodson:
They were fully cognizant of the fact that we had antique marble mosaics inside and antique tiles in the kitchen. And they understood our concern that they not be cracked or damaged in any way.

Stephen Goodson:
They were incredibly sensitive to our needs. It was really a custom job for us. And that, that was one of the really great things about working with them, was that it wasn’t one-size-fits-all cookie cutter thing.

Sharon Goodson:
We were always also happy with Roubion because they offered us a lifetime warranty.

Stephen Goodson:
In the end we got it our way and our concerns were first and foremost.

The Lawless Family

The Lawless family tells their story about how Roubion raised their home. They felt they could always ask questions and the Roubion Team took all the time to answer them.

Video Transcript

For the Lawless family New Orleans has been the only place they have ever called home. The only place they’ve ever wanted to call home. But then August twenty-ninth 2005: the levees broke. Flooding their Gentilly home with over 10 feet of water.

Dianne Lawless:
I had a nephew who worked for Sewerage and Water Board and he was working and he was on a boat and he called us and told us I’m on top of your roof. The water is that high. We just had planned not to come back.

But eventually the Lawless family did make it back home. With a lot of faith and determination to rebuild and elevate. With a little help from a company they knew they could trust: Roubion.

So why did you guys choose Roubion?

Dianne Lawless:
We felt that they were first of all trustworthy. They’ve been around for over a hundred years. Most of the companies that we had heard were saying you had to be out for a week, two weeks and we even had a friend of ours who I was out like about a month. So we didn’t wanna, you know, didn’t I want to go through that kind of hassle. We were only out of our home for two days. When we left on that Friday everything was intact. When we returned on that Saturday everything was just like normal.

So the whole process took a weekend?

Dianne Lawless:
The whole process was all whole weekend and that was like a mini vacation for us.

And the Lawless family says the Roubion team walked them through every step of the process and made sure they knew what to expect from start to finish.

Dianne Lawless:
If you had questions were they were able to have personnel there that could answer your questions. And no question sounded stupid to them. They did all of the paperwork. They make contact with the insurance company for us. We feel that we’ve gotten the best for our money.

Thaddeus Lawless: Before, like they have a heavy rain by our house, street backed up with water. It was coming in to the back of our house. And now it’s elevated we don’t have to worry about that anymore. So I’m very pleased with that. We both are.

Dianne & Thaddeus Lawless:
And our families are very pleased. All our family and friends. Oh we tell them: if you’re gonna get your home elevated go to Roubion.

What Our Home Owners Say

“I was very satisfied with the job. I can’t find anything that they could have done better.”
Andre Dufrene: New Orleans, Pier Home  

“I had done my homework and felt I knew what I needed to know when I hired Roubion. They are good, fair and honest people. I would recommend them to a friend.”
Danny Giardina: Slidell, Slab Home  

“I choose Roubion based on the background and reputation of the company. The people I worked with were helpful and kept me fully informed throughout the process.”
Elaine Marshall: Marrero, Slab Home  

“I interviewed the other major shoring companies and choose Roubion based on their history of doing good work. They listened to my concerns and needs. On a scale of 1-10, I give Roubion 10s all the way!”
Erin Perry: Kenner, Slab Home

“Roubion communicated well with me. They were responsive and returned calls quickly. I tell everyone to do their research and I recommend the Roubions.”
Irving Gasper: New Orleans, Pier Home

“I know the Roubions well and they did exactly what I expected. They are no nonsense folks who deliver on their promises every time.”
James Larkin: Metairie, Pier Home  

“The job took the time I expected. A friend recommended Roubion to me. They were polite, attentive and tried to solve any problems I had. Now I’ll recommend Roubion to my friends.”
JoAnn Landry: Metairie, Slab Home  

“Honestly they did a great job and I’m very satisfied. Everything was straight forward. I’ve recommended Roubion to 4 or 5 people already.”
Norris Boyd: Kenner, Slab Home

“Roubion made a great presentation. They were very professional and helpful I liked the way Roubion handled everything and it all went very well.”
Wesley Adams: Lafitte, Pier Home

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