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Not all Shoring Companies are Legit

In the past year there has been a lot to do about Home Elevation companies delivering sub-standard work. Since hurricanes Katrina and Rita the amount of companies in New Orleans doing Shoring work has increased from about 20 to over 400. Many of these new companies are trying to make a quick profit while the Government provided grants last and not all of these companies have the necessary experience and paper work to do the job right.

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How to prevent Contractor Fraud

The Louisiana Department of Justice has published a brochure with useful information on how to prevent Contractor Fraud:

Some quotes from the brochure:

“You may be frustrated and anxious, but if you neglect to take precautions when hiring a contractor, you may hire someone who does not get the job done in a reasonable time; who is inexperienced and who my not do the job well; and all too often, just a plain crook, who seize the opportunity to make a fast buck.”

When you are getting your bids, remember:

“Cheap does not mean qualified.”

“Ask family, friends or co-workers for contractor recommendations.”

“Check the contractor’s references.”

How to Choose a Home Elevation Contractor

Roubion Shoring & Construction is fully bonded, insured, licensed, certified and qualified. We have been here for over 100 years and have excellent knowledge of the local soil conditions and the specifics of Louisiana buildings. We are a New Orleans family-owned and operated company and we are not going anywhere!

Read more on how to select a trustworthy Home Elevation Contractor on our page How to Choose a Home Elevation Contractor?


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