Home Elevation Contractors in New Orleans

Since hurricanes Katrina and Rita, many new Home Elevations companies have appeared in New Orleans and Louisiana. With so many businesses to choose from, how do you make the right choice?

Do realize that elevating your home is a large operation and you want to be able to contact your contractor maybe even years later on. Doing business with a local company that has been around for generations and that is not leaving gives you the guarantee that you will be able to get your answers. Even years from now on.

CHART Question List

The Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology (CHART) has prepared a list of questions that are important to ask. You can find the original document here:

What to ask Before Hiring a Home Elevation Contractor (PDF)

“May I have a copy of your contractor’s license?”

The contractor should be able to provide a copy of a current contractor’s license upon request. Make sure the license the company is licensed in the State of Louisiana and/or the Parish where the home to be elevated is located. Louisiana does not have a specific licensing process for home elevation and shoring contractors, meaning that any licensed contractor can legally elevate houses. Do not accept an Occupational License instead of a Contractor’s License, which is harder to obtain and maintain.

A list of current licensed contractors is online at www.lslbc.louisiana.gov/contractor-search. You can also call 225-765-2301.

“May I have the name of your insurance provider so I can verify your insurance?”

Shoring contractors should have general liability as well as workman’s compensation coverage. The insurance provider(s) will send proof of insurance directly to the homeowner upon request. Be sure to check the company name on the insurance certificate, and that the address listed is the correct address of the house to be elevated.

“Does your company carry supplemental insurance?”

Shoring contractors may carry “collapsible insurance” or extra insurance to address other potential losses during the course of work — including Builders Risk insurance, which is recommended. If the contractor does not carry it, homeowners can take out a Builder’s Risk policy themselves to cover loss from accidents, natural disaster, or theft that may occur during the job. Builder’s Risk policies protect the homeowner from losses that the contractor’s insurance does not cover. Builder’s Risk policies may be obtained for renewable terms of three to six months at generally low cost relative to what they cover. The homeowner can name the contractor as an “additional insured” for added protection against loss.

“Does your shoring company use an engineer?”

A registered civil engineer is required by law to review, add a stamp of approval, and submit the scope of work to the local government, before the contractor can obtain an elevation permit. Homeowners can also independently hire an engineer specializing in residential structures (to review the work of the elevation contractor/engineer. The independent engineer can address any problems that may arise on behalf of the homeowner, and inspect the progress and quality of work as needed.) The homeowner is responsible for making sure that the appropriate permits are obtained in advance and posted at the jobsite.
Engineers’ licenses can be checked at: www.lapels.com

“Can you provide references to jobs that I can go see?”

It can help to look at other work that a contractor has done for others to get an idea of the quality of work proposed for on your own house. It is wise to check out at least three local references to jobs in progress or already completed.

“How long have you been in business locally?”

Homeowners should know how much experience an elevation contractor has had in the local area. Because the local soil structure is unique, an experienced contractor with knowledge of the local soil is likely to be more familiar with particular problems that could occur. In addition, a local contractor may be available to address any future foundation problems. Contractors with only a Post Office box as an address should be investigated further.

“What is the warranty or guarantee, in case of a construction problem?”

While many elevation contractors offer warranties, often only the individual foundation piers are covered. Resulting damage to the home may not be included. Better established companies may have the means to remedy problems if insurance does not come through, assuming the problem was the fault of the contractor. The Better Business Bureau provides mediation services as well as background information for BBB member contractors, including recent complaints and whether they have been resolved satisfactorily.

So where do I stand with Roubion Shoring & Construction?

Contractor’s License

We are fully licensed. Check our license information on the Professional Affiliations Page, or on the Louisiana State Licensing Board website.


We are fully bonded and insured. Call 504-269-9909 for more information on our insurance.


We have our own qualified engineers, but you are also free to use your own engineer.

Business history & experience

We have been around for over 100 years and our company is a family-owned and operated business. This means that you get generations of knowledge and experience on our local Louisiana soil conditions and foundations. Roubion Shoring & Construction was founded in 1868 and has been in the same family ever since. Currently the business is owned by Dennis Roubion, and his two sons, Dennis Jr. and Justin, are working full-time with him.

References on our previous work

You can see examples of houses that have been raised by us in our Photo Galleries:

Feel free to call (504-269-9909) to ask for more references.

Lifetime Foundation Warranty

We offer a Lifetime Foundation Warranty for the work performed at your property for the life of the structure.
Call us  (504-269-9909) for more details.


Contact Details

824 Dakin Street - New Orleans, LA 70121

Tel: 504.269.9909 - Toll-free: 1.855.768.2466 - Fax: 504.269.3551

Email: roubion@roubioninc.com