Let us elevate your home

Roubion Shoring & Construction has been raising houses in New Orleans and South Louisiana for generations long.

Roubion Shoring uses a fully computerized jacking system to elevate both slab and pier houses. Your home is elevated in a level position, just like an elevator.

See our Photo Galleries for examples of our projects:

The Sky Is The Limit

You can raise your house just a few inches or add a full new story to your home. Elevating your house over 8 feet gives you the option to a new basement, or even a drive-under garage. We use a special steel beam construction to carry the weight and create enough space for your vehicle.
See our Drive-under Garage page for more information.

Slab Houses

We have different options for raising your slab house. If your house is gutted we can use the “slab separation” technique. Hereby the house is separated from the slab. The new foundation is built on top of the old slab.

We also can pick up the house with slab and all raise everything together. This is called “slab elevation“.

Before and After Examples

Slab Separation technique

Slab Separation - Before - FD Slab Separation - After - FD


Slab Elevation

Here you can see the raised slab during the elevation process:

Slab Elevation - During - FDM Slab Elevation - After - FDM

Elevated Pier House

Pier Elevation - During - FelPier Elevation - After - Fel

Garage stays at ground level

This example shows that the garage can stay at ground level, while we raise the rest of the house:

Slab Elevation Garage - Before Slab Elevation Garage - After

Garage space raised with the house

In this project the garage was raised with the rest of the house:

Slab Elevation - Before Slab Elevation - After with Garage Raised

We raise all types of houses, as high as needed

We can raise your house just a few feet, or high enough to create a drive-under garage or basement under your home.

No project is too small or too large for us. Browse through our Before&After pictures and our Project Gallery to see what type of houses we have elevated.

Free Evaluation

Call us for a free evaluation. Roubion Shoring & Construction has been working to understand the land and soil conditions in Southern Louisiana for over 100 years. We can advise you on how to handle your project and also help with all the paperwork involved with Elevation Funding.

We charge a $250 evaluation fee for any home listed for sale. The fee will be credited to your contract price, if you choose to move forward with Roubion.

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