Roubion Shoring & Construction has ample experience raising New Orleans houses. We make sure that your home will be raised safely and with the utmost care. We use a fully computerized jacking system to elevate both slab and pier houses. We have been doing this for generations on and we will continue to rise you to a higher quality of life.

Why you should raise your New Orleans house

Large areas in New Orleans, like Lakeview, Gentilly, Mid-City, Hollygrove, Broadmoor, Upper & Lower 9th Ward , New Orleans East, are at or below sea level. Your home might already have had flood damage from an earlier storm or even from street flooding after heavy rains.

Elevating your home will reduce the risk of your valuable house being flooded again. Even if you have not experienced any flooding before but your house is still below the flood protection elevation (FPE), it is important to raise your house to avoid any future losses.

View the Orleans Parish Flood Map >>

Benefits of raising your house are:

  • Decrease the risk of flood damage
  • Lower your flood insurance premiums
  • Increase the value of your property

There can be additional benefits if you are raising your home more than 8 feet. In this case you can create extra storage space or you can even build a drive-under garage.

Costs of raising your house in New Orleans

There are several grants available to help you pay for elevating your home. The rules and available grants differ per parish. The contact number for Orleans parish is: 504-658-8740.

Please see our Elevation Grants Page for more detailed information.

New Orleans House Raising Projects

Roubion Shoring & Construction has been elevating many properties in New Orleans. No project is too small or large for us. We raise houses just a few feet or we go up over 8 feet.

Here are some examples of raised houses in New Orleans:

Let Roubion raise your New Orleans house

Contact us for a free evaluation. Roubion Shoring & Construction has been working to understand the land and soil conditions in Southern Louisiana for over 100 years. We can advise you on how to handle your project and we also help you out with all the paperwork involved with Elevation Funding.

We charge a $500 evaluation fee for any home listed for sale. The fee will be credited to your contract price, if you choose to move forward with Roubion.

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