Causes of Foundation Problems

The climate and the soil conditions in Louisiana cause many problems with the foundation of our houses. Most Louisiana soil is expansive clay, in contrast to sand and rock which are far more stable. The extreme moisture in our state makes it even worse and the result is that most buildings eventually need some kind of foundation repair.

What to do about Foundation Problems?

Read more about the warning signs, house leveling and foundation repair:

If you have any foundation issues or if you are worried about your home, call us  for a free evaluation.

Remember that often it is easier and cheaper to make the repair now thereby preventing future structural damage to walls, floors, doors and windows which can be far more costly.

Prevent Foundation Problems

Where you cannot control the soil or the weather, there are some things that you can do to prevent foundation problems:

  1. Do not plant any trees, shrubs or other plants near the foundation of the house. Keep them at least 8 feet from the structure.
  2. Make certain that concrete driveways, walkways, etc., slope away from your foundation, and not towards it. This keeps the (rain)water away from your foundation as much as possible.
  3. Inspect your home regularly to spot any beginning foundation problems or water problems (leaks).

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