Why your home is settling

Pilings are necessary to support local homes.
Silty Sand
Sand Strata
Though, most pilings aren’t installed deep enough to support the house.
This leads to a sinking home.
A sinking home creates costly repairs.
Drought causes the water table to lower and erode the soil holding pilings in place.
Building code requires a minimum depth for pilings. Though most sites require depths that exceed the code specifications. This often leads sinkage of the pilings and the tilting of the house.
ROUBION excavates below the slab and drive solid ‘industrial grade’ concrete blocks until the pilings hit a point of permanent resistance.

Concrete Pilings

If there is not a sturdy foundation or your pilings are not driven deep enough, the level of your house may become uneven. Roubion Shoring uses concrete blocks placed on top of existing wood piles or if needed, new pilings will be installed. Put in separately under the load bearing walls, each piling is pushed down until they hit the point of resistance, 10,000 PSI, meaning securely planted on solid ground.

Free Evaluation

Call us for a free evaluation. Roubion Shoring & Construction has been working to understand the land and soil conditions in Southern Louisiana for over 150 years. We can advise you on what causes your foundation problems and how to solve them.

We charge a $500 evaluation fee for any home listed for sale. The fee will be credited to your contract price if you choose to move forward with Roubion.

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