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Shoring a house is a lengthy and complex project. This Roubion customer shared a wonderful review with many details of how the shoring process works.


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I hired Roubion Shoring to correct a problem I was having with a large added on room attached to my house.

The slab of this room is newer and way too thin. 4″  with no rebar for reenforcement.
I know nothing about the shoring process.
I got 3 bids from 3 different companies who were going to do the job 3 different ways.
The Roubion  name is truly why I chose them. In business for over 150 years and the Company is still run and owned by a Roubion.
The Lifetime Warranty actually has worth. A warranty is no good if the issuer is no longer around!!
I knew my job , albeit small compared to some they do, wouldn’t be easy.
I also knew it wouldn’t be lightning fast.
As much as I’d have liked to had it done in a week , I realized early on that they weren’t cutting corners and it was going to be a while. This is the kind of job you want to get right the first time!
Mind you , I still don’t have a good  roof from Ida but I’m tarped up.
My first contact was with Sally.
She’s really nice , even when I’m freaked out about whatever, she’s always nice and helpful.
Then there’s Kevin. He was my Project Mgr.. Kevin has been doing this for a while. He’s good at what he does and runs the subs with experience.
Again, I know NOTHING about what they do or how they do it.
I was given a schematic detailing the number and position of the pilings to be driven under my slab along with the contract.
They required 50% up front. That concerned me but I quickly realized that just ( maybe) paid for the materials that showed up pretty quickly. A LOT of materials!!

Here’s where things got a little scary.
After all the work was done , I hired an engineer to come check things out.
He made note of 1 adjustment he’d like to see them make.
They exceeded his recommendation.
I could see this particular area just looking into a hole.
They requested final payment.
It was due.
I thought I’d go crawl under there and take a peek. I figured they don’t have this happen very often. Then I realized I had no idea what I was looking at.

According to the schematic, I wasn’t clear on what I was looking at. I was very concerned.

I called the engineer and made Roubion aware of my concerns.
Here’s where it gets good……
Dennis Roubion called me and said he’d like to come to my home and address my concerns. That impressed me.
Then he gets here and listens to all of my concerns.
Then he asked if I’d care to join him under the slab. I’m 52 and pretty thin so I obliged.
I’m here to tell you that the Man running this company is NOT afraid to get dirty.
He crawled ALL THE WAY UNDER AND AROUND and explained everything I was seeing
We were both under there well over an hour and filthy. He educated me on what had been done and how it was done. He’s been under slabs since he was a child. He’s quite comfortable under there.
I cannot tell you the relief/satisfaction I felt upon having him tell me , and show me , that his crew went over and above what I’d contracted and paid for.
My job was small compared to some they do, under $20k.
The fact that he came and got under there and assured me it was done correctly meant and still means everything to me.
The only reason it’s not 5 stars is some communication issues we were having.
Things happen and delays happen but at the end of the job, communication isn’t holding up my slab.
Hundreds of special concrete blocks composing a couple dozen pilings and 5 BIG pieces of industrial I-beam are holding it up.
The lifetime transferable warranty will be nice to have when I sell my home.
I’m very satisfied with Roubion and strongly recommend you let them come give you a quote if you need this type of work done. I’d use them again.
I’d let them work on my Mother’s house!

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