Gentilly home would have flooded if not for Roubion

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The sudden heavy rains on Wednesday June 10th caused severe flooding in the Gentilly neighborhood. The water stayed for hours, reaching porches and making it into several houses. But not the Baehr’s residence.

Roubion Shoring had just finished the 3-feet elevation project on the house and the family made it through without a drop of water inside. The Baehr’s home was one of 50 selected as part of a federal flood mitigation grant, and the elevation was paid in full by this program.

Thank you so much for elevating our home so quickly. Just in time for HURRICANE season. Not even a week into the season and our neighborhood flooded. Without the dedication and commitment from your team our home would have flooded today.
Sincerely Eric and Allison Baehr

Watch the story that WWLTV did on the Wednesday flooding:

Read the full article on the WWLTV website: Federal grant saves Gentilly home from floodwaters, others not so lucky

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