More FEMA money for Jefferson Parish Flooding Victims

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On Friday July 14, another FEMA grant of $7.7 million was awarded to Jefferson Parish, next to the earlier announced amount of $4.6 million. The $7.7 million grant will fund elevation and reconstruction of 87 additional houses in areas outside of the levee system, such as Crown Point, Barataria, and Lafitte.

Jefferson Parish will send out elevation applications to homeowners that meet the FEMA Funding Criteria.

To be eligible to apply for an elevation grant you need to meet at least the following criteria:

  • Within a 10-year period, two or more flood claims have been paid, through your homeowner or business policy with the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA) for your property,
  • You need to be insured, uninsured properties are not eligible.
  • Property owners who file for two or more National Flood Insurance claims that cumulatively exceed the building’s market value.
  • Property owners who file four claims greater than $5,000 for eligible elevation expenses.

More about the Jefferson Parish elevation grant process can be found in the following news article:

If you need information on financing and grants for other parishes, please see our Elevation Grants Page.

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