No more buyouts in Ascension Parish; elevate your home!

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On Monday November 6, 2017, Ascension Parish’s east bank drainage authority agreed to eliminate most home buyouts from the parish’s hazard mitigation program. Homeowners will now have to pursue a home elevation grant through the parish program.

The parish determined that having homeowners elevate rather than opting to accept a buyout is more beneficial for the parish, as it will continue to bring in tax revenue rather than the parish having to carry the burden of maintenance costs of vacant lots. Deferring to elevations also frees up monies to back a list of tentative drainage projects costing $111.3 million over the next five years.

Homeowners interested in applying for a grant should reach out to the Ascension Parish Grants Office.

More information about Ascension Parish’s grant changes can be found in the following news article:

If you need information on financing and grants for elevating your home, please see our Elevation Grants Page.

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